Template:Cite web archived

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Template for replacing an instance of {{Cite web}} in-place semantically with an archived link. The original URL is maintained in the wiki markup, and the archived URL is provided as a new template argument. This makes it simple to reverse the operation if the site later comes back online or can be replaced with a copy from another location.


  • author: Principal author or editor of the work.
  • publishdate: Date article or page was originally published.
  • url: URL of the webpage. Required.
  • title: Title of article. Optional. If provided, this is used as the link text for the provided URL. Quotation marks will be automatically included.
  • publication: Title of publishing site, journal, blog, etc. Optional. If provided, will be automatically italicized.
  • retrievedate: Date article or page was retrieved by the wiki editor. Optional. If included, the text "Retrieved" will appear before the provided date.
  • accessdate: Alternate name for retrievedate.
  • archiveurl: The URL that is being used to replace the normal URL. This should point to an archival site such as the Internet Archive or archive.is. Required.
  • archivedat: Optional. If provided, the templated reference becomes more informational regarding where the archived link is pointing. The argument should take the value of the unadorned domain name of the archival site (ie. "archive.org" for Internet Archive).