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This template assembles links to the various speedrun style subdirectories for a single map within the Compet-n archive.


{{competnmap|WAD index|map index|map slot|secret}}

The first two parameters are required. The WAD index and map index come from the &wad=##&map=### segment of the map's URLs, which must be looked up manually. For example, &wad=1&map=127 indicates E2M6: Halls of the Damned (Doom), while &wad=9&map=920 points to MAP19: The Shaft (Memento Mori II). map slot is used only in the rendered text and should simply be copied from the article title, e.g. E2M6 or Memento Mori II MAP19; if omitted it will use the page's title.

The secret parameter, if populated with any value, indicates a map with a secret exit. This is necessary for fx's configuration, which displays such demos on separate pages (for Compet-n categories which distinguish them).

Additionally, extra named parameters can be passed to disable one or more links.

  • nouvs no UV Speed
  • nonms no NM Speed
  • nonmc no NM 100S
  • nouvf no UV -fast
  • nouvr no UV -respawn
  • nouvt no UV Tyson
  • nouvp no UV Pacifist

To disable one link, simply add the parameter and an equal sign, for example {{competnmap|1|129|E2M8|nouvs=|nonmc=|nouvr=|nouvp=}}; the parameter's value must be left empty. The UV Max category cannot be removed, since this category exists for all maps accepted by Compet-N.