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The mandatory fields are title, damage, and first.

{{Doom 3 Weapon
|title =
|damage =
|damage_mp =
|headshot =
|splash_damage =
|splash_damage_mp =
|splash_radius =
|splash_radius_mp =
|rof =
|reload =
|clip =
|clip_mp =
|ammo =
|ammo_large =
|ammo_weapon =
|max =
|velocity =
|velocity_mp =
|spread =
|spread_mp =
|type =
|first =
|note =
  • title: Name of the weapon.
  • damage: The amount of damage inflicted with one shot, excluding headshot.
  • damage_mp: Damage in multiplayer, if different.
  • headshot: Enter anything besides blank spaces if weapon can inflict headshot damage.
  • splash_damage: The amount of splash damage, if applicable.
  • splash_damage_mp: Splash damage in multiplayer, if different.
  • splash_radius: The splash radius, if applicable.
  • splash_radius_mp: Splash radius in multiplayer, if different.
  • rof: The rate of fire in rounds per second, if applicable.
  • reload: The amount of time required to reload, if applicable.
  • clip: Ammo capacity, if applicable.
  • clip_mp: Ammo capacity in multiplayer, if different.
  • ammo: Ammo in a small or regular pack, if applicable.
  • ammo_large: Ammo in a large pack, if applicable.
  • ammo_weapon: Ammo included with the weapon, if applicable.
  • max: Maximum amount of this ammo that the player can carry, if applicable.
  • velocity: Speed of the projectile, if applicable.
  • velocity: Speed of the projectile in multiplayer, if different.
  • spread: Weapon spread, if applicable.
  • spread_mp: Weapon spread in multiplayer, if different.
  • type: The type of ammo used, if applicable.
  • first: The level in which the weapon is first seen.
  • note: Any notes to be put directly beneath the table.