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This template replaces broken or irretrievably outdated external links, analogous to Template:Deleted for internal links. It should be used as necessary to avoid misleading or misdirecting readers, reduce search rank penalties for 404 errors, and aid editors in replacing or restoring links (external links should not usually simply be erased due to rot).

It takes four arguments:

{{frozenlink|link|display text|date|hover text|notdead flag}}
  1. link: URL of the dead website (mandatory)
  2. display text: text to show (optional)
  3. date: the date the template was added to the article (optional)
  4. hover text: text displayed on mouseover (optional, defaults to "Dead link: <link>")
  5. If provided, the {{deadlink}} template is not invoked, which will not cause auto-categorization.