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Create a portal linking between various physical photographs or scans of a commercial game release or official source port.

Use along with Template:GamePicsNPJ, Template:GamePicsNPSJ, Template:GamePicsUSI, or Template:GamePicsIntl to create (currently) up to four rows of pictures with the appropriate regional division selected by the type parameter detailed below.


  • game: Name of the primary mainspace article for this game.
  • gamedesc: Optional. If provided, this is used as link text for the link to the game article.
  • subtemplate: Optional but strongly suggested. Name of concrete instance of this template, for instantiation of Template:NavbarTools.
  • type: Selector for the regional division layout of the table. This may currently be one of the following values:
    • ntscpal: Classic 1990s release scheme typical for console games: NTSC, PAL, Japan. Use the GamePicsNPJ template to create rows under this layout scheme.
    • npsj: Similar to above but with addition of a distinct FAH region (France, Netherlands) release. Use GamePicsNPSJ to create rows under this layout scheme.
    • usintl: US/International two-region release scheme. Use the GamePicsUSI template to create rows under this layout scheme.
    • intl: International region-free release scheme. Use the GamePicsIntl template to create rows under this layout scheme.
    • custom: Use a custom row layout for special circumstances. If specified, you must also provide customhdr and numcols.
  • classes: Specify additional CSS class(es) for the table.
  • customhdr: Specify custom header row with type custom.
  • numcols: Specify the number of columns present in the custom header. If omitted, the default of 2 will be assumed.
  • row1: Optional, first row of the table. This should be a transclusion of an appropriate row template, with its arguments fully specified.
  • row2: Optional, second row of the table.
  • row3: Optional, third row of the table.
  • row4: Optional, fourth row of the table.