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This template is used for linking to a file (usually a PWAD) at the Doomworld/idgames interface (without a reference to its frontpage).


{{ig|id=somenumber|title=somename}} (Deprecated usage)

where somepath is the file's path in the archive or somenumber is the file ID and somename is normally the file's title or description (although, like any hyperlink, it can say other things instead).


{{ig|file=levels/doom/s-u/serenity|Serenity}} becomes Serenity
{{ig|id=1033|title=Serenity}} becomes Serenity
  • The title can also be the first, unnamed parameter: {{ig|Serenity|id=1033}} becomes Serenity.
  • If no title is given, the template uses "Doomworld/idgames".
  • If no path or id is given, the template links to the inferface frontpage: Doomworld/idgames
  • To include a reference to the inferface frontpage, use the {{idgames}} template.