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Infobox for a source port's main article.

Parameters (all optional):

  • title = Application name.
  • status = Project status. Active or Discontinued is usual in the community.
  • license = Distribution license (e.g. GPL, BSD, Proprietary).
  • platform = Target operating environment(s). Official binaries need not be provided.
  • standard = Baseline compatibility level (e.g. Vanilla, Boom, ZDoom). This should be an overall categorization based on featureset, not demo compatibility alone.
  • language = Interface language (English is assumed, rightly or wrongly).
  • initialversion = Version number of initial public release, including betas.
  • initialdate = Date of initial public release.
  • programming_language = Language of source code.
  • baseparent = The parent codebase of the source port, if applicable. For example, ReMooD was based on Doom Legacy 1.42.
  • repourl = URL of source code repository (enclose in square brackets to activate link).
  • repotype = Type of repository (e.g. Fossil, Mercurial, Git).
  • developer = Current development team. Former members can be mentioned in a History section of the port article.
  • nondeveloper = People on the team who are not engine developers, e.g. webmaster, alpha tester, wealthy hosting patron. This should imply major contributions: the 1000 public testers do not go here, but someone who bought hardware specifically for a new beta release might. It may be appropriate to credit programmers contributing indirectly via plugins, upstream rendering/media handling, etc. Also includes anyone with repository commit access, who are assumed to play a role in the project's roadmap.
  • logo = Project logo (internal link to file upload).
  • screenshot = An image of the port in action (internal link to file upload).
  • caption = Screenshot caption.
  • website = Project home page, if different from the repository.
  • ircchannel = IRC channel dedicated to the port.

The current version and release date are automatically read from subpages of the port page, /Version and /Date respectively, for ease of updating by non-regulars.

This template has known issues with the port genealogy tables: please do not embed either template inside the other.