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This level occupies the map slot {{{SLOT}}}. For other maps which occupy this slot, see [[:Category:{{{SLOT}}}]].


{{map}} categorizes a map by its number, and outputs a disambiguation notice linking to that category. This should be placed at the top of every map article (see also Template:Map skel).

Required parameter:

  • slot= is the level number in the Doom engine's usual format, e.g. E2M1 or MAP05.

Optional parameters:

  • nocat=true suppresses categorization; use for single-map mods.
  • nocat=noname invokes the subcategory for levels without individual titles (e.g. Galaxia). Ignored if the name parameter is used. This parameter may create strange results if the page title is not in the standard form SLOT (Mod Name).
  • nonstd=true categorizes non-standard slot numbers (i.e. other than ExMy and MAPzz) in the general "Non-standard map slots" category.
  • name= overrides automatic detection of the title, for example to ignore a leading "The" or "A".

Technical note about automatic sort keys: The algorithm in this template is not designed to cover every possible grammatical situation (to avoid creating unmaintainable kudzu). Unusual cases should be spot checked on category pages once they have updated, and if sorting is incorrect, just use nocat=true and manually add a DEFAULTSORT and the additional categories. In particular, there are known issues with: