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This template is used for linking to a music module on Mod Archive.



where someid is the module's ID in the archive, sometitle is its title, someartist is the artist, and someartistid their ID in the archive.


{{modarchive|id=34316|title=Exquisite}} becomes: "Exquisite" at Mod Archive
{{modarchive|id=62658|title=Xmasmix|by=keypounder}} becomes: "Xmasmix" by keypounder at Mod Archive
{{modarchive|id=40160|title=culturebag|by=Virgill|byid=69065}} becomes: "culturebag" by Virgill at Mod Archive
  • The id can also be the first, unnamed parameter: {{modarchive|34316|title=Exquisite}} becomes "Exquisite" at Mod Archive.
  • The title can also be the second unnamed parameter: {{modarchive|34316|Exquisite}} becomes "Exquisite" at Mod Archive.
  • If the "at Mod Archive" bit is not desired, the linkonly parameter can be used: {{modarchive|id=40160|title=culturebag|by=Virgill|byid=69065|linkonly=1}} becomes "culturebag" by Virgill.