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This template is used to fill up the table in the list of notable WADs.

{{notable|title=mod title, always linked
         |auth=author name, optionally linked, defaults to 'Various'
         |date=release date, in YYYY-MM-DD format
         |port=engine, defaults to [[vanilla Doom]]; use |ports= if several different ports are targeted
         |ig=doomworld/idgames id|dsda=DSDA wad|link=other download link
         |award=mention any award it might have
         |maps=number of maps
         |sp=single player
         |note=type any special notes you want to add
Name Author(s) Release
Engine Game Download Maps SP Co-op DM Other
[[{{{title}}}]] Various {{{date}}} vanilla Doom Doom II {{{maps}}} Y F F