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Start of centered table

s-start is the initial component in a template series for succession boxes. For extensive documentation on how to create a succession box, see wikipedia:Template:S-start and its related pages. Only minor changes have been made in order to adapt the succession box to potential uses on the Doom Wiki, including source port inheritance.

When determining the ancestral code bases for a source port, the suggested criterion is to look only at what sources were directly forked or modified in order to initially create that port, and not other code that was subsequently copied into it. An example would be ZDoom, which is derived from Linux Doom, NTDoom, and ATBDoom. It has subsequently adapted code indirectly from Heretic, Hexen, Strife, and other source ports, but those code bases cannot be considered strictly ancestral.

As of 20140423, you can create a collapsed genealogy box by adding the collapsed parameter. As of 20140503, you can also specify the width of the table by adding a width parameter. Any valid CSS width specifier will be accepted.