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Auto-categorizing instance of Template:SplitIssueBox indicating that an article or section is proposed to be split into its own article.


When an article contains information on numerous discrete topics which may effectively stand alone as the subject of their own article, this template is used to propose splitting the effectively independent topic(s) of that article into a new article. It should be inserted at the top of the article you want to be split into more than one topic.

Our written policy does not require the use of this template before a split. However, as with any edit which might potentially remove large blocks of text, it's best to invite comment beforehand (unless the split is clearly uncontroversial). In most cases, this template should not be interpreted as an insult to the tagged article; it is used when an article on closely related subjects has grown to the point where those subjects need to be covered independently, or when convention on the wiki would ordinarily give each subject its own article but an editor chose to group them together otherwise.



target is the title of the article you want to create. The tagged article will also be added to Category:Articles to be split, which is part of the "editors' to-do list" on the front page.

The Discuss link in the box may still be red even after you save the article.  That isn't a bug, but merely indicates that the talk page is currently blank.  It is a good idea to explain your reasoning on the talk page, if only to indicate how much text needs to be transferred from the tagged article if it is split (the discussion may be closed by a user who didn't participate, which makes it easy to forget about the information in the old version).