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{| {{prettytable|style=float: right; margin-top: 0px; margin-left: 1.5em; max-width: 326px;}} ! colspan="2" style="font-size: 110%; text-align: center; background-color: #CEDFF2;" | ''{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}'' |- | colspan="2" style="padding: 2px; border: 0; margin: 0; text-align: center;" | {{#if:{{{screenshot|}}}|[[File:{{#setmainimage:{{{screenshot}}}}}|320px|{{{caption|Title screen}}}]]{{{caption|}}}|Add a screenshot and caption}} |- ! style="background-color: #CEDFF2;" | Author{{#if:{{{authors|}}}|s}} | {{{author|{{{authors|Unknown}}}}}} |- ! style="background-color: #CEDFF2;" | [[Source port|Port]]{{#if:{{{port2|}}}|s}} | {{#ifexist:{{{port}}}|[[{{{port}}}]]|{{#if:{{{port|}}}|{{{port}}}|[[Vanilla Doom|Vanilla {{#switch:{{{iwad}}}|Doom|Doom II|Doom 2|Doom2|TNT|Plutonia = Doom|#default = {{{iwad|Doom}}}}}]]}}}}{{#if:{{{port2|}}}|, {{#ifexist:{{{port2}}}|[[{{{port2}}}]]|{{{port2}}}}}}} |- ! style="background-color: #CEDFF2;" | [[IWAD]] | {{#switch: {{{iwad|Unknown}}} | Doom 2 | Doom2 = Doom II | {{{iwad|Unknown}}} }}{{#if:{{{iwad2|}}}|, {{#switch: {{{iwad2|Unknown}}} | Doom 2 | Doom2 = Doom II | {{{iwad2|Unknown}}} }}}} |- ! style="background-color: #CEDFF2;" | Year | {{#if:{{{year|}}}|[[Timeline of mod releases#{{{year}}}|{{{year}}}]]|N/A}} |- ! style="background-color: #CEDFF2;" | Link | {{{link|N/A}}} |- {{#if:{{{top|}}}| ! style="background-color: #000000;" {{!}} [[File:Top100.png|50px]] {{!}} style="background-color: #CEDFF2; vertical-align: middle;" {{!}} This mod was one of the ten [https://www.doomworld.com/10years/bestwads/{{{top}}}.php {{{top}}} mods] to feature in the [[Top 100 WADs of All Time]] on [[Doomworld]]!<includeonly>[[Category:Top 100 WADs of All Time]]</includeonly>}} {{#ifexpr:{{{caco|2003}}}>=2004| {{!}}- ! style="background-color: #000000;" {{!}} [[File:{{#ifexpr:{{{caco|2003}}}>=2018|Cacoward-2018.png|Cacoward.png}}|50px]] {{!}} style="background-color: #CEDFF2; vertical-align: middle;" {{!}} This mod {{#if:{{{ru|}}}|was a runner-up for|{{#if:{{{hm|}}}|received an honorable mention at|received one of}}}} the [{{#ifexpr:{{{caco|2003}}}>=2018|https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/{{{caco|2003}}}/|https://www.doomworld.com/{{#expr:{{{caco|2003}}}-1993}}years/}} {{{caco|2003}}}] [[Cacowards]] on [[Doomworld]]{{#if:{{{category|}}}|&nbsp;in the {{{category}}} category}}!<includeonly>[[Category:Cacoward {{#if:{{{ru|}}}|runners-up|{{#if:{{{hm|}}}|honorable mentions|winners}}}}]]</includeonly>}} |}<includeonly> {{#switch:{{{type}}}|m = [[Category:Megawads]]|l = [[Category:Level WADs]]{{#if:{{{author|}}}|[[Category:{{{author}}} levels]]}}|u = [[Category:Multilevel WADs]]|e = [[Category:Episode WADs]]|d = [[Category:Demonstration WADs]]|g = [[Category:Gameplay mods]]|n = [[Category:Multiplayer WADs]]|p = [[Category:Partial conversions]]|t = [[Category:Total conversions]]|x = [[Category:Texture packs]]|s = [[Category:Music packs]]|#default = [[Category:PWADs without maps]]}}{{#if:{{{port|}}}|[[Category:{{{port}}} WADs]]|[[Category:Vanilla WADs]]}}{{#if:{{{port2|}}}|[[Category:{{{port2}}} WADs]]}}{{#switch:{{{iwad}}}|Doom|Plutonia|Heretic|Hexen|Strife|Doom 64 = [[Category:{{{iwad}}} WADs]]|Chex = [[Category:Chex Quest WADs]]|Doom2|Doom II|Doom 2 = [[Category:Doom II WADs]]|TNT = [[Category:TNT: Evilution WADs]]}}{{#if:{{{iwad2|}}}|{{#switch:{{{iwad2}}}|Doom|Plutonia|Heretic|Hexen|Strife|Doom 64 = [[Category:{{{iwad2}}} WADs]]|Chex = [[Category:Chex Quest WADs]]|Doom2|Doom II|Doom 2 = [[Category:Doom II WADs]]|TNT = [[Category:TNT: Evilution WADs]]}}}}{{#if:{{{year|}}}|[[Category:{{{year}}} WADs]]}}[[Category:PWADs by name]]</includeonly><noinclude><div style="clear:right;"> Infobox for the upper right corner of a mod article. All parameters are optional, although most should be obvious from the file and readme. * '''name:''' Mod title; defaults to the page name. (Thus, do not use this template for maps within a multi-map WAD.) * '''author:''' Author, if there is only one. * '''authors:''' Authors, if multiple. Ignored if ''author'' is populated. * '''screenshot:''' File name (without ''File:'' prefix) of a [[TITLEPIC]] or other representative screenshot uploaded to the wiki. * '''caption:''' Screenshot caption. If undefined, a specified screenshot is expected to be the title screen. * '''port:''' Intended [[source port|port]]; defaults to [[vanilla]]. Do not include a version number, as the template will attempt to link to the port article. * '''port2:''' Other port with which the mod is compatible (if not implied by ''port'', e.g. do not put "[[GZDoom]]" for every [[Boom compatible]] file). * '''iwad:''' Intended [[IWAD]] for play. Use game titles, e.g. "Hexen", not "HEXEN.WAD". * '''iwad2:''' Secondary intended IWAD for play, if appropriate. * '''year:''' [[Timeline of mod releases|Year of release]]. * '''link:''' External download link. Use only maintained archives (such as [[Idgames archive|/idgames]]), not temporary sharing services. * '''top:''' If the mod was recognized in the [[Top 100 WADs of All Time]], enter the year. * '''caco:''' If the mod received a [[Cacowards|Cacoward]], enter the year. * '''ru:''' ''(true/false)'' The Cacoward was a runner-up. * '''hm:''' ''(true/false)'' Received an honorable mention or general recommendation at that year's Cacowards. * '''category:''' Special prize category for Cacowards, if applicable. * '''type:''' General type. The template will attempt to auto-categorize based on this; the default is a general {{cat|PWADs without maps|PWAD without maps}}.<div class="dw-div-dl">''m:'' [[Megawad]]<br />''l:'' Single-level WAD<br />''u:'' Multilevel WAD<br />''e:'' [[Megawad#Episode replacement|Episode WAD]]<br />''d:'' Demonstration WAD created specifically for the wiki<br />''g:'' [[Gameplay mod]]<br />''n:'' [[Multiplayer]] mod<br />''p:'' [[Partial conversion]]<br />''t:'' [[Total conversion]]<br />''s:'' Soundtrack pack<br />''x:'' TeXture pack</div> Example:<div class="dw-div-dl"> '''<tt><nowiki>{{wad</nowiki>'''<br /> '''<nowiki>|author=The Innocent Crew</nowiki>'''<br /> '''<nowiki>|iwad=Doom II</nowiki>'''<br /> '''<nowiki>|year=1995</nowiki>'''<br /> '''<nowiki>|link={{idgames|file=levels/doom2/m-o/obtic11|title=Obituary 1.1}}</nowiki>'''<br /> '''<nowiki>|top=1995</nowiki>'''<br /> '''<nowiki>|screenshot=Obituary-splash.png</nowiki>'''<br /> '''<nowiki>|type=m</nowiki>'''<br /> '''<nowiki>}}</nowiki></tt> </div>produces the box seen [[Special:Permalink/124780|here]].</div> This template automatically adds category tags for these parameters: author, iwad, port/port2, type, top, caco/ru/hm, year. [[Category:Templates]]</noinclude> is a WAD, created by [[ ]] in . It contains ** maps.


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