Temple of the Lizardmen 2

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Temple of the Lizard Men 2 is a ten-level PWAD by Alando1, released in 2010. It received mention in the Cacowards feature that year as not quite a runner-up, but a recommended play as well-made and "really fun".

The mod includes a complete set of replacement weapons and monsters, and a handful of new powerups. Dead marines with PDAs are also encountered. Difficulty settings have been renamed to Easy, Medium, Hard, and Hell Revealed.

The author states that gameplay is meant to meld Doom with Unreal, although some resources are obviously copied from Doom-related titles, e.g. the Super Minotaur (Maulotaur), invulnerability ring (Ring of Invincibility), and Serpent Staff.

According to its readme, Temple of the Lizard Men 2 is compatible with GZDoom versions 1.3.7 through 1.4.2.


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