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Terry is a pseudonym for a group of Doom mappers known for creating a genre of maps called "Terrywads". Terry debuted with UAC Military Nightmare and has since released a stream of single level WADs utilizing the "terry trap" - a Doom map equivalent of an Internet screamer. Because of this, many community members consider this collective identity to be one of the worst WAD authors in existence.[1][2][3][4][5]


Terrywads are PWADs created for advanced source ports, usually for Skulltag, that consist of an incomplete map design intended to lure the player into the "terry trap". However, additional tactics may be used, such as creating a zip bomb. One particular example, a map titled "Infected Base" is a 1.22 MB ZIP file that decompresses to 1 GB, an unusually high compression ratio. Some maps have also been shown to modify configuration files, a potential attack vector, but were mostly used for irritating the user by leaving him or her with a corrupt configuration. This led to the programmers of the Zandronum source port being required to increase the security of their ACS interpreter in order to protect users.

More recently, Avast AntiVirus has detected the original UAC Military Nightmare file as being a trojan titled Win32.GenMalicious-KIY, likely a false positive due to its resemblance to maliciously constructed zip files.[6]


Terry has also been known to go under different names, which imply a group of mappers may be involved. A few of these names include Dr. Tickle, Poppy Jones, Mark "Thomson" Jones, Paul Wilson, and Jones Wilson.

Community action[edit]

Due to the outcry of the community concerning Terrywads, Ty Halderman, then archive maintainer of the idgames archive, enacted a new list of policies for uploaded files. As a result, the most destructive of the maps were removed and banned from reuploading until zip bombs were removed, and all Terrywads thereafter were relocated to /themes/terrywads/. During this process, Ty received anonymous threats via email stating that he should "cut it out or face the consequences."[7] An "Ask Me Anything" thread later appeared on social networking site Reddit purporting to be hosted by Ty in which elaborate defamatory postings were made, and it is suspected these events are related.[8] After Ty Halderman passed, the new archive maintainers (BloodShedder and The Green Herring) made stronger policies for Terrywads and trollwads. For a while, many newly uploaded Terrywads were thoroughly screened for things like racism, being too short in length, being unwinnable, harassment of other individuals, and other reasons. Some time in 2017, the policies were updated to forbid any new Terrywads or trollwads from being accepted.



  • Ghoul's Forest 4








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