Tesla rocket

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A Tesla rocket pick-up in SnapMap.
The Tesla rocket in flight.
The Tesla rocket in multiplayer.

The Tesla rocket is an item in the 2016 Doom which is available in multiplayer and in SnapMap. It is a grenade that, when thrown, will fly in a straight line and slows down to shock nearby players, dealing damage. The device will continue to deal damage until it flies past and hits an obstacle.

Tactical analysis[edit]

In multiplayer, the Tesla rocket is commonly used as a follow up to finish off injured opponents. Care must be taken to not activate it too close to an enemy or a wall, as the jolt from the device can also affect the user. When going against Tesla rocket users, it is best to immediately sidestep or use the lateral thrusters to minimize the damage dealt.

Since the v6.66 update, the Tesla rocket is unlocked for use in multiplayer at level 24.

As with other side-arm equipment items, the Tesla rocket has unlimited use and is balanced by its recharge timer. In SnapMap, the Tesla rocket can either be placed in a map for a player to collect, or it can be specified in a player loadout object and then applied to players either at map start or in response to an event. In multiplayer, the Tesla rocket must be unlocked through progression and then specified in the loadout settings before a match.


The Tesla rocket is named after Nikola Tesla, a famous inventor and scientist responsible for innovations in electrical engineering.