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Text mode renderers are a feature which open source hackers find bizarrely novel to incorporate for applications which would traditionally be best suited to a more detailed interactive display. Doom is no exception, and there have been a number of attempts to develop a text mode renderer for it.


The SMMU source port incorporated a DOS text-based renderer.


Libcaca is a text-rendering library that can be plugged into a variety of other programs and renderers, including libSDL. Doom was used as a demonstration of the library's novelty. The second image below is from Doom Legacy while the first image may also be from Doom Legacy but there is not enough information in the screenshot to determine if it is.

libcaca support was removed in SDL 2.0, so you'll need to find a source port release based on the older SDL 1.2 codebase. For example older versions of Chocolate Doom (2.x series) are based on SDL 1.2 and will work. You may have to compile yourself.

To run once installed, set the SDL_VIDEODRIVER environment variable, eg.


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