The Adventures of MassMouth


The Adventures of MassMouth
Title screen
Author Mike Watson
Port ZDoom
Year 2000
Link Doomworld/idgames

The Adventures of MassMouth is the first in a series of three PWADs by Mike Watson (Cyb). The original version was released on February 23, 2000. This does not run with the latest versions of ZDoom, so the older version 1.22 is needed to play it. In 2003, an updated version was released titled The Adventures of MassMouth Do Over!, fixing bugs and also adding several extra features. This updated version runs properly with version 2.0 of ZDoom.

MassMouth is an alien from the planet Zeeble (a zeebloid). He has a small, green body with a large mouth. An antenna containing a single eye protrudes from his body. He also has two arms and legs. MassMouth resembles the Yorps of the Commander Keen series. MassMouth's preferred weapon is his ray-gun, a weapon which shoots green bolts. The design of MassMouth comes from a Quake II player model created by Stephen Monteith (Neuralstasis). MassMouth is an employee of The Worm, a rich alien with his own personal moon. The Worm employs MassMouth to bring him various valuable items. MassMouth is very well-paid and has his own personal room.


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The Massmouth games all contain references to Half-Life:

  • One of The Worm's unseen servants is called "Freeman", who, in the schedule in the garage, is going to Xen. Gordon Freeman is the protagonist from the Half-Life games who, later in the game is teleported to the dimension Xen.
  • The planet "Bahl" is named after Steve Bahl, one of the staff who created Half-Life.
  • Many of the enemies (plus The Worm) are actually enemies and characters from Half-Life: Opposing Force (except they replace, and behave, like Doom enemies).
  • "The Worm" is based on the Pitworm.
  • "Shock Troopers" and "Black Ops" are based on the Half-Life characters of the same names.
  • The "Security Guard" is based on the Black Mesa guard (nicknamed Barney by Half-Life fans).

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