The Alfonzone


The Alfonzone
Title screen
Author Pinchy
Port GZDoom
Year 2017
Link Doomworld forums thread
ZDoom forum thread
Cacoward-2018.png This mod was a runner-up for the 2018 Cacowards on Doomworld!

The Alfonzone is a set of fifty levels plus hub maps for GZDoom by Pinchy that was released on November 19, 2017. It contains fifty map ideas inspired by that same number of speedmidis created by Gus Knezevich (Alfonzo) during the 30in30 sessions with James Paddock (Jimmy). The set was named as a runner-up at the 2018 Cacowards.

The Alfonzone takes place across 10 uniquely themed episodes within The Alfonzone dimension.


Custom items[edit]

The PK3 includes two new items defined through the DECORATE lump:

Talisman of Health
A medallion that heals the player over time whilst it is active. Lasts for 12 seconds and has thing type 20001.
Mysterious Artefact
A floating vase that the player has to pick up in a level before escaping (type 20002).

Additional pickup items that assist with secrets and other gameplay mechanics, along numerous decorations and inert objects, are defined as well.

Difficulty settings[edit]

The Alfonzone has cosmetic replacements for the standard difficulty level menu graphics.

Story Mode
I'm Too Young To Die
Hey, Not Too Rough
Hurt Me Plenty
Al Button

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