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The Ancient Gods, Part Two is the second single-player downloadable content expansion for Doom Eternal. It was first available as a pre-order item to purchasers of the Year One Pass. Tangible details first appeared on the Steam store page in the form of achievement listings beginning on or around March 5, 2021. On March 7, Bethesda announced a teaser trailer release scheduled for March 15.[1] A full trailer was announced for two days later on March 17, and contained the expansion's release date of March 18 when it was unveiled.[2]


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

Part Two starts off where Part One ended, with the Dark Lord being restored to physical form after the Doom Slayer brought his life sphere to the Luminarium within Urdak. The Slayer shoots at the newly-formed Dark Lord, but it has no effect as the Luminarium forbids combat. The Dark Lord tells the Slayer that he will be waiting in Immora, the capital city of Hell, before leaving through a slipgate.

Some time later, the Slayer arrives at Argent D'Nur intent on reaching the World Spear, which contains an item capable of powering the Gate of Divum, a transporation device described as the only means of reaching Immora. After fighting through an ancient Sentinel village and obtaining the Sentinel Hammer from an apparition of Commander Valen, the Slayer activates the Torch of Kings which signals his mission to the entire planet and rides a wintherin to the Nether Lake, a body of water which surrounds the Spear. The Slayer crosses the lake and enters the Spear, which is revealed to be a giant ship. The Slayer takes a fragment of the Spear to use as a power source and uses another slipgate to return to Earth.

After travelling through an abandoned human city, the Slayer finds the Gate of Divum inside a UAC facility and uses the Spear fragment to power it before stepping through the portal to the outskirts of Immora. The Dark Lord is waiting for the Slayer with an army of demons; moments later, a Sentinel army appears behind the Slayer which engages the demons in battle. The Slayer breaches the outer walls of Immora and fights through the city, using portals and a Sentinel ship to carry him to the Dark Lord's inner sanctum.

Arriving at the Dark Lord's throne room, the Slayer challenges the Dark Lord to ritual combat; according to The Father, if the Dark Lord is killed then every demon outside of Hell will be destroyed. As the fight progresses, the Dark Lord transports the fighters to Earth and to Ingmore's Sanctum before revealing that he is the true first being and creator of The Father, but was betrayed and sealed away by his creations who rewrote history to portray the Dark Lord as a wayward creation of The Father. Despite this revelation, the Slayer defeats the Dark Lord and ends his life, which destroys every demon outside of his realm. A moment later, the Slayer collapses as he is also a creation of the Dark Lord born to exact revenge upon those who betrayed him; his body is placed in a sarcophagus in the center of Ingmore's Sanctum by the Seraphim.

New enemies[edit]

  • Armored baron[3] - A variant of the baron of Hell encased in regenerating armor and equipped with a morning star. Its armor can be destroyed by targeting its morning star when it flashes green.
  • Cursed prowler - A variant of the prowler that sneaks in to curse the player with its poison claws and then retreats, forcing the player to chase it down and kill it with a blood punch.[4] While cursed, the player will take constant damage over time and cannot dash.
  • Riot soldier - Chaingun-wielding possessed soldiers whose shields cannot be broken.[4]
  • Screecher - A zombie which, when killed, unleashes a powerful shriek which buffs other demons, making it best to save for last.[4]
  • Stone imp - A more damage-resistant form of the imp with gray skin and purple eyes and claws which can curl up and dash at the player, but is susceptible to the combat shotgun's Full Auto mod or the Sentinel Hammer.[4][5]
  • Demonic trooper - An ambient enemy found in Immora; they sport Doom 2016's multiplayer-exclusive Catalyst armor and Reaper gun. They are extremely weak and can die from any form of interaction with the Slayer.


  • Dark Lord - A mirror of the Slayer, he is able to steal health from the Slayer much as the Slayer takes resources from his enemies.[4]

New weapons[edit]


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