The Battle for Mars (mod)


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The Battle for Mars, not to be confused by Doom: The Battle for Mars, is a unfinished partial conversion made by Justin023/Justin024. It heavily utilizes ACS scripting and DECORATE to provide an animated cutscene and a custom weather system (achieved through ACS). It was announced on January 4, 2006. The mod heavily relies on Doom 64's resources, primarily monsters and weapons.

A first demo with five maps was released on January 22, 2006 and included the ACS source. A second episode, called The Battle, was in the works from March 2006. However, neither the first episode nor the second episode were ever finished, leaving the initial demo to be the only release of the mod.


New Weapons[edit]

  • Dart Gun
    • Replaces the pistol. Now shoots poisonous darts. Trade-off is accuracy vs. damage.
  • Chaingun
    • This is now more of a RPG style weapon. Upgrades can be found throughout the game. It shoots much more accurately in short bursts.
  • Automatic Dart Gun
    • A slower, but more powerful chaingun variant.
  • Ice Rifle
    • Fires like the mage's frost shards in Hexen. Has excellent wide range coverage, though somewhat limited range. It is most powerful at point blank.
  • Fire Rifle
    • Fires like the cleric's fire attack in Hexen. Has a limited range but damage is consistent no matter the distance.
  • Particle Bomb Launcher
    • Shoots a ball which bursts into a lot of smaller balls that explode. Its primary fire causes makes the balls explode on impact.
    • The secondary fire makes them delay about five seconds after hitting something before exploding.
  • Railgun
    • Very accurate and powerful, the ultimate sniper weapon. It has unlimited ammo but a slow firing rate.

Classic Doom 2 Weapons (with new graphics)[edit]

  • Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, BFG9000

New Enemies[edit]

  • Zombie w/ Chainsaw - A typical zombieman with a chainsaw
  • Zombie w/ Dart Gun - A typical zombieman with a dart gun
  • Zombie w/ Chaingun - A typical zombieman with a chaingun
  • Zombie w/ Plasma Rifle - A typical zombieman with a plasma rifle
  • Zombie w/ Rocket Launcher - A typical zombieman with a rocket launcher
  • Super Shotgun Guy - A version of the shotgun guy that is super tough
  • Undead Imp - A dead imp which will spring back to life
  • Living Barrel - A normal barrel that has become possessed. It will chase down the player and explode.
  • Ice Knight - A slightly downsized, blue hell knight. Slightly weaker than the Hell knight. Dwells in cool areas.
  • Stealth Demon - A spectre that is invisible except for when it attacks or is in pain
  • Stealth Imp - An imp that is invisible except for when it attacks or is in pain
  • Spectre Imp - An imp that is black and mostly translucent
  • Super Imp - An imp that is partially invisible and shoots powerful projectiles
  • Medium Ettin - A medium sized version of the Hexen ettin. Also slow and weak.
  • Bishop - An evil bishop. No match for a close-up super shotgun blast.
  • Shark - Stay out of the water. Not too quick but will occasionally maul you very bad and quick.
  • Vile Jr. - A half size arch-vile with only a melee attack.
  • Martian - Brown thing with a large eye and three arms. Has a vicious melee attack, good speed, and endurance.


  • The Battle for Mars relies on a custom engine, a source modification of GZDoom. The executable used is version 0.9.22, corresponding with ZDoom version number 2.0.98x which is a version of the ZDoom Community Build. It is dated January 7, 2006. The source code changes are included with the demo release. The game requires to be played in OpenGL, and will crash when run in software. Because it relies on the included GZDoom.exe, The Battle for Mars has troubles been run on more recent versions of ZDoom and GZDoom.
  • The demo release package includes a library called SNESAPU.DLL, which is a library used for playing Super NES music files using the .SPC extension.
  • Being an unfinished release, the mod is prone to bugs and requires tweaking.

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