The Community Is Falling 2


The Community Is Falling 2
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Author Samuel Villarreal
Port ZDoom
Year 2005
Link Doomworld/idgames

The Community Is Falling 2 is a joke WAD for Doom II using the ZDoom source port, created by Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser) and released on February 13, 2005. Also known as Kaiser 17, it is a sequel to 2004's The Community is falling, and features a humorous story, split across six short levels, about an attack on Doom websites by fans of the Half-Life franchise, parodying a post about Doom made on the Steam forums. A third entry in the series, Community Is Falling 3, was released in 2008.


Custom monsters[edit]

The WAD includes a reskin for the demon, turned into a "Half-Life fan", and a new boss, Gabe Newell (using the spriteset of Sebastian Doyle Krist from Rise of the Triad), which replaces the sergeant.

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