The DWIronman League


The DWIronman League is a monthly competition taking place on the Doomworld forums. It was initiated in July 2016 by Gus Knezevich (Alfonzo), who managed the competition up to December 2019 before passing the duty to NaZa. Each month, participants play a specific WAD, trying to get as far as possible without dying, and submit a demo or a video recording of their playthrough. Typically, in multi-level mapsets, participants must start from the beginning of MAP01 on Ultra-Violence difficulty, and are ranked based on how many maps they successfully complete. For single-level PWADs, ranking is instead based on the percentage of kills. If multiple players tie, the player with the shorter time is ranked higher.


There are two distinct leaderboards, for "Standard" and "Prepared" runs.

  • In a Standard run, the player is allowed a single attempt per month, and must submit their first playthrough as the competition entry. The run must be labelled with one of the three categories: category 1 for "blind" runs (i.e. the player is unfamiliar with the WAD), category 2 if the player is reasonably familiar with the WAD, and category 3 if the player has watched the WAD in a demo or video recording after it was announced as the month's challenge.

    If the month's competition features two or more WADs, the player is allowed a single attempt per each mapset, and is ranked based on the total result across both.

    For certain more difficult WADs, the rules are more forgiving: up to two times, the player is allowed to record a new demo starting on the map where he died, on a lower difficulty level (Ultra-Violence → Hurt Me Plenty → Hey, Not Too Rough). In this variant, all the recorded demos must be submitted together, and ranking is based on the result attained on the highest difficulty setting.
  • In a Prepared run, the player is also allowed only a single attempt per month. However, this "real" run can be preceded with any number of practice runs. After submitting an entry to the Prepared competition, the player is not allowed to participate in the Standard competition. However, the player's first practice session can be submitted as a Standard run.

Up until July 2019, there was no distinction between the Standard and Prepared leaderboards. Instead, "prepared" runs were submitted alongside all the other entries, and were classified as category 3.


Month WAD Notes
July 2016 Jenesis
August 2016 Crusades
September 2016 Nilla Doom
October 2016 Khorus' Speedy Shit The month's initial choice was 10 Sectors, but it was found unsuitable due to game-stopping bugs.
November 2016 Perdition's Gate
December 2016 UAC Ultra
January 2017 Jade Earth
February 2017 Legacy of Heroes
March 2017 Back to Saturn X E1
April 2017 Mapgame
May 2017 Vae Victus
Vae Victus 2
June 2017 Disturbia
July 2017 Insertion
August 2017 Unholy Realms
September 2017 Osiris
October 2017 End Game
End Point
November 2017 Oscillation Introduction of the three WAD familiarity categories.
December 2017 Doom the Way id Did
January 2018 Combat Shock 2
February 2018 Coffee Break
March 2018 The Warlock's Hearth
April 2018 50 Monsters
May 2018 Double Impact
June 2018 Rush
July 2018 The Darkening E1
The Darkening E2
August 2018 The Plutonia Experiment
September 2018 MAP20: Interstellar Sickness and
MAP21: Shaman's Device
from Community Chest 4
October 2018 Doom 64 for Doom II
November 2018 TNT: Renascence
TNT: Resistance
December 2018 Ultimate Doom the Way id Did
January 2019 Hellfire: Dreams
February 2019 MAP10: Fomalhaut from THT: Threnody
March 2019 Stardate 20X6
April 2019 Base Ganymede: Complete
June 2019 SIGIL Originally scheduled for May 2019, but moved to June due to SIGIL's delayed release.
July 2019 Vanguard
Introduction of the distinct Standard and Prepared leaderboards.
August 2019 2017 Collection
September 2019 Revolution!
October 2019 Monster Hunter Ltd. Part I & Part II
November 2019 Abcess
December 2019 Scythe
January 2020 Hellscape
February 2020 No Sleep for the Dead
March 2020 Baker's Dozen
April 2020 DBP21: Occult Secrets of the Third Reich on Mars
DBP22: Biotech is Godzilla
May 2020 Bloody Rust
June 2020 Vrack, Vrack 2, Vrack 3
July 2020 Running Late 2