The Darkest Hour


The Darkest Hour
Title screen
Author Rex Claussen
Port ZDoom
Year 2001
Link Doomworld/idgames
Top100.png This mod was one of the ten 2001 mods to feature in the Top 100 WADs of All Time on Doomworld!
  1. Sin City
  2. SlayeR
  3. Null Space
  4. Doom Resurrection
  5. The Darkest Hour
  6. Equinox
  7. Vrack 2b
  8. Phobia
  9. KZDoom7
  10. Revolution!
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The Darkest Hour is a 7-map total conversion for Doom II, built for the ZDoom source port. It was created by Rex Claussen and released on August 6, 2001. Heavily based off the 1995 FPS game Dark Forces, The Darkest Hour is set in the Star Wars universe and sees the player assume the role of a mercenary, part of the Pain Elementals group affiliated with the anti-Imperial resistance, as he takes part in a series of raids against Imperial installations across the galaxy. Most of the weapons and enemies are changed to be Star Wars themed, however, most remain largely the same as their Doom counterparts in behavior.

It was selected as one of the 2001 entries for Doomworld's Top 100 WADs of All Time. An expansion pack, Dawn: A Prelude, requiring The Darkest Hour to run, was released by Claussen in 2003.


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