The Doom Hacker's Guide


Cover of first edition.

The Doom Hacker's Guide, also published as Hank Leukart's Hacker's Guide to Doom, is a 299-page book about editing Doom written by Hank Leukart. It was published in 1995 by MIS:Press, a subsidiary of Henry Holt and Company.


"DOOM and DOOM II are the hottest 3-D computer games out there, and this definitive guide teaches you all the techniques and tricks for customizing the DOOM environment. Hank Leukart teaches players how to create new graphics, weapons, sound effects and entire levels with the help of the advanced game editing programs and examples on the CD. Includes 'Unofficial DOOM Specs' and the 'Official' DOOM FAQ. Covers both the original DOOM and DOOM II."
― Publisher's description


The book is a comprehensive Doom editing guide. It begins with the utmost basics of map construction by explaining IWADs and PWADs, elements of levels such as vertexes, linedefs, and sectors, and illustrates the basic limitations of Doom's two-dimensional map format.

The bulk of the book, a total of four of nine chapters, is dedicated to in-depth discussion of two of the then most prominent editor utilities. DEU is given two chapters, one on basics and one on advanced techniques, and DoomCAD is likewise covered. Topics include configuration, user interface, basic construction of rooms, and building constructs such as crushing ceilings, windows, doors, and more.

Other topics covered include advice on artistic design, effective use of NWT for manipulating WAD files, and using DeHackEd to edit monsters, weapons, strings, and more. The last chapter provides a quick run-down of other utilities, including EdMap, WADED, WinDEU, DeuTex, and basic resource editors; it also contains information on several of the add-ons provided on the book's CD-ROM.

Appendices provide listings of Doom's thing types, linedef flags and specials, sector types, a table of enemy and player sizes, a complete index of both games' IWAD files, and a full listing of the contents of the book's CD.


The book was published along with a CD-ROM, included in a pocket attached to the inside back cover. It includes all of the utilities touched upon in the book, as well as the following modifications:

All sample and tutorial files referenced in the book are also included.


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