The Doom Master Wadazine


The Doom Master Wadazine
Foundation July 19, 2020
Created by Endless
Editors Endless, 4MaTC, Nikoxenos, Arrowhead
Frequency Periodically
Format PDF
Total issues 21
Last issue August 23, 2023
Language English
Status Active

The Doom Master Wadazine (or Wadazine for short) is a fan-made online magazine. Published periodically, free of charge, it is "focused on anything Doom-related, with special attention to classic Doom and WADs".[1]

Wadazine was founded by Endless, who still oversees its production. The debut issue was in July 2020. Since then, a number of other writers have contributed to it. The style of the magazine has changed over time, with the earliest issues being simpler and shorter than the later editions, which employ a more professional look. Currently, all issues undergo a full graphical design thanks to the efforts of 4MaTC and Nikoxenos, lead editors and graphic designers of the Wadazine.

Originally, it was announced in the Doomworld forums through an initial prototype, which gradually evolved into the current format, which includes different sections related to the Doom saga, with a special focus on the classic games. The magazine contains content ranging from: reviews, guides, tutorials, interviews with community members, historical articles, community events, WIP projects, mod reviews, top lists, a list of WADs released in Doomworld, screenshots gallery and special prizes designed by the staff.

The Doom Master Wadazine is open to the Doom community to freely contribute to it.

Magazine format[edit]

The project works through community contributions, which are in the form of directly written submissions, editing work and design work. The magazine is designed on a non-profit basis, being actively released free of charge to the entire community.

It follows a format primarily made to cover the main topics of the Doom community, with a consistent structure of content across all issues since its inception.

The main structure of content in each issue is divided as follows:

  • Table of Contents
  • Credits
  • Special Thanks
  • Articles
  • WAD Recommendations
  • Master Recommendation
  • Newstuff on Doomworld
  • Art Gallery
  • Pictures Gallery

The issues are also known to include fake joke ads, community content ads, puzzles and mini-games.

Projects and events[edit]

The Wadazine has been host and patron to a number of both active and inactive projects, as well as community events that are aimed at the reviewing of different WADs, that being the Wadazine major focus.

Active projects and events:

Inactive and/or defunct projects and events:

  • DWMaster Endurance Tournament
  • Wadazine Survival Sessions
  • Wadazine Deathmatch Madness

Doom Masters[edit]

The Doom Masters is a title that all permanent or important contributors to the Wadazine carry. They are members who have helped the Wadazine for a long period of time and contribute through different methods, usually in the form of proof-reading, decision making, ideas and quality checking.

As of 2022, the current Doom Masters are:

Issues list[edit]

Issue # Release date Doomworld thread
#1 July 19, 2020 Premiere
#2 August 3, 2020 Published thread
#3 August 19, 2020 Published thread
#4 September 7, 2020 Published thread
#5 September 26, 2020 Published thread
#6 October 16, 2020 Published thread
#7 November 5, 2020 Published thread
#8 December 14, 2020 Published thread
#9 January 18, 2021 Published thread
#10 February 21, 2021 Published thread
#11 May 3, 2021 Published thread
#12 June 11, 2021 Published thread
#13 August 4, 2021 Published thread
#14 September 16, 2021 Published thread
#15 October 31, 2021 Published thread
#16 December 26, 2021 Published thread
#17 March 4, 2022 Published thread
#18 July 19, 2022 Published thread
#19 October 10, 2022 Published thread
#20 March 27, 2023 Published thread
#21 August 23, 2023 Published thread


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