The Front


The Front engages the Order in a pitched battle.

The Front is an organized military resistance movement in Strife: Quest for the Sigil. It was formed to fight against the Order. The leader of the Front is Macil.

Other members and partners of the Front include:

  • BlackBird is a female who gives the player advice by a communication device. She is seen at the end of the game if the best of the three endings is achieved.
  • Feris is the weapons trainer. When he is provided an accuracy upgrade voucher, the player is able to improve their accuracy stat. Feris also provides free bullets up to 50 if the player has less at the moment.
  • Gerard is the medic. When he is provided a stamina implant voucher, the player is able to improve their stamina stat. As a bonus to improving stamina, the player will receive full healing equivalent of a surgery kit. Gerard also provides free healing if the player has less health than a threshold which depends on the current skill level.
  • Irale is the Front's "fixer" and has premises in the town. He is a black-market weapons dealer from whom the player can buy assault rifles along with bullet ammo.
  • Justin appears in the castle after it has been taken over by the rebels. He sells the player missiles, HE grenades, energy pods and teleporter beacons.
  • Richter is a prominent military commander. He operates from behind enemy lines.
  • Soldiers are dressed in brown armor and armed with assault rifles. They drop a bullet clip, and can be summoned by a teleport beacon.


  • In the demo version of Strife, the Order is instead known as the Movement.