The Holt


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The Holt
The Ancient Gods, Part One
The Ancient Gods, Part Two

The Holt is the fourth and final level of The Ancient Gods, Part One, the first expansion for Doom Eternal. The level is set in the Equestrian Holt, a location on the edges of Urdak that includes a path to the Luminarium. Having recovered the Dark Lord's life sphere from Ingmore's Sanctum, the Doom Slayer must bring it to the Luminarium in order to restore the Dark Lord to physical form.

This level introduces the Blood Maykr enemy. Samur Maykr is encountered as a boss.

"The Slayer returns to Urdak, carrying not the Father's life sphere but that of the Dark Lord himself. With the Father betrayed by the Slayer and Urdak in ruins there is little hope for the once-holy realm, a dying land of crumbling towers and infested with demons. The Slayer has come to fight through the corpse of paradise until he reaches the Luminarium, where he can awaken his ultimate foe and finish this war once and for all."
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