The Innocent Crew


The Innocent Crew (abbreviated TiC with a lower-case 'I') was a team of mappers active in the 90's. They received three spots in the list of the Top 100 WADs of All Time established by Doomworld for the tenth anniversary of Doom, for Slaughter Until Death (SUDTIC.WAD), The Evil Unleashed (TEUTIC.WAD) and Obituary (OBTIC.WAD); and instigated three collaborative megawads which each earned a place in the same list: Memento Mori, Memento Mori II and Requiem.

The team consisted of two brothers, Denis and Thomas Möller, better known respectively as Panza and Grindcrusher (aka Vorphalack). They started as a Wolfenstein modding team, and moved to Quake and Quake II after their release. Denis is also a programmer who coded NWT, and Thomas is an artist who did the additional graphics in the team's works as well as contributed the Thug monster sprites from Hacx, based on a plasticine model.

Published works[edit]



Levels 1 (with Michiel Rutting), 11 (with Eric Reuter), 13, 22, 31 by Denis; levels 9 and 29 by Thomas, level 26 by both


Levels 1, 8, 16, 25 by Denis; levels 14 (with Matthias Worch), 22 and bonus 2 by Thomas


Level 6 by Thomas

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