The Iron Invasion


The Iron Invasion is the third episode of Project Einherjar. It is set in Midgard's sister nation Jotunheim and introduces many new enemy types.


Juno witnesses a robotic drone assaulting a crowded residential area, killing over a hundred people before the authorities finally destroy it. Afterward she is summoned to the drone's "autopsy", where she learns the monster was controlled by a human head via Einherjar technology -- someone has revived Project Einherjar, and the drone's weapons came from Jotunheim.

In Jotunheim, Baron Frostgard -- head of the Jotun drone project -- is reprimanded for testing his prototype in a Midgard city and jeopardizing the treaty between nations. He insists that Thea Skuld was responsible for the attack, acting without Frostgard's orders. Skuld and the Baron nearly come to blows after a Midgard spy appears in the Baron's backyard as a direct result of Skuld's recklessness; Skuld hopes that Midgard sends Juno to investigate next, in order to settle an old score with her. Sure enough, Juno is spotted by one of Skuld's agents boarding a train to the city of Fjord, where Frostgard houses his operation. Skuld orders an assault on the train, and the adventure begins.


Episode 3: The Iron Invasion


The Iron Army includes several new enemies in addition to those of the previous episodes, most of which do not speak English due to the foreign setting:

Processor. A green-jacketed Jotun officer which behaves identically to the Shieldmaiden, except that he is slightly more aggressive.

Overwatch. A meaty soldier wearing an outland mask and armed with a Gungnir rifle. He sounds meaner than the Processor, but isn't as aggressive or tough as the Amazon. He makes up for this in sheer numbers, always traveling in squads.

Thane. Big, bearded Jotun field marshal in full military fatigues, sometimes serving as a weak mini-boss. He tends to laugh uproariously at the sight of Juno before opening fire with a very deadly rocket pistol. the rockets are small and have limited homing capabilities.

Lancer. A tall Jotun sniper in an outland suit, armed with a Gauss cannon of the Baron's own design. His white camo and penchant for sniping roosts make him difficult to spot from a distance; his large, white projectile trails tend to blind Juno as well, even if they don't hit their mark.

Worker. Civilian Jotuns who throw up their hands when confronted. Like Administrators, they usually just get in the way.

Jotun Einherjar. The Jotun version of an Einherjar is big, red, and bears horned helmet. It behaves exactly like the regular Einherjar, but is slightly tougher.

Valraven. A Midgard Stepchild with a rocket pack strapped to her back. She maneuvers like a Mommybot, but fires lasers in rapid bursts.

Sheriff Gallos. Sheriff of the Nifell settlements and minion of the Baron. He's a bald, beefy man with glasses and a large revolver, which he often fans at Juno like a cowboy to deliver several shots in quick succession.

Dr. Kestrel. Leader of the Jotun Vampire Docs, a cackling ogre of a woman with tinted goggles and a bloody apron. Like her subordinates she wields morphine darts, but she prefers to spear Juno with her own ballistic knife, usually killing in a single hit.

Baron Frostgard. The giant, bearded, insult-flinging lord of Nifell. He is encountered multiple times before Juno finally faces him in combat: first in a secret area of Map18: City of Fjord, where he shoots at Juno from a window; then again in Map19: Castle Frostgard, taking a few shots at Juno before fleeing through an open door. He is confronted at the end of Map19, dual-wielding Gatling gun and Gauss cannon; when he takes significant damage, he switches to a pair of Gauss cannons. He has more health than any boss in the game.

Thea Skuld. Frostgard's partner from Midgard, and the final boss of Episode 3, faced at the end of Map21: Deep Sixed. She is also briefly seen in Map20 shortly before springing a Juggernaut trap on Juno.