The Joy of Mapping 1


The Joy of Mapping 1
Title screen
Authors Various
Port ZDoom
Year 2016
Link Doomworld/idgames
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  • MAP01: Crapola Canyon by Baratus
  • MAP02: Better than Wow, Barely by BouncyTEM
  • MAP03: Rocks by DoomTheRobot
  • MAP04: Pure Jammin' Arse Burgers by speckygingerweapon
  • MAP05: AASHITTY by Fulsy
  • MAP06: Little Green Base by Fuzzball
  • MAP07: The Duobase by Gutawer
  • MAP08: The Horror of Mapping by Kate
  • MAP09: Untitled by MarketAnarchy
  • MAP10: Hogshoe by MrGlide
  • MAP11: Spooky Spoops by Pinchy
  • MAP12: Fut the Whack by Fonze
  • MAP13: Untitled by ZZYZX
  • MAP14: Crap by Vbob
  • MAP15: Joyfort by Jimmy

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