The Mapwich


The Mapwich
Title screen
Authors Various
Port GZDoom
Year 2019
Link Doomworld forums thread

The Mapwich (also unofficially referred to as Come Eat The Mapwich, after the Doomworld release thread), is a collaborative megawad for Doom II, first released on June 2019. The project was led by Bridgeburner56 and based around the idea of pairing up mappers for each of the levels in the set, but also having the pairs be randomly chosen: the result was a total of 30 mappers, for 15 regular maps + 1 hub map. Each mapper was given free reign on what to build and what settings to utilize, the only rules being that the project had to be tested in GZDoom and that only a handful of liquid fall textures and new skies would be used as far as new graphics go, with everything else being stock Doom 1 and Doom 2 assets.

Bridgeburner would go on to lead a sequel to this project, The Mapwich 2: The Mapwichening, released in 2020.


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