The Official Doom Survivor's Strategies & Secrets


Front cover
Bundled floppy disks containing Doom v1.25
The book was offered for mail order through some versions of the id STUFF digital catalog.

The Official Doom Survivor's Strategies & Secrets is a book by Jonathan Mendoza and published by Sybex Inc., a division of John Wiley & Sons (ISBN 978-0782115468). The book is Doom's official strategy guide and was developed with assistance from id Software. The book was sold with two floppy disks containing shareware Doom v1.25.


"The official manual and reference to Doom, this guide is filled with little-known facts, insider information, winning strategies, detailed maps, and a wealth of other information to greatly enhance one's enjoyment of the game and appreciation of the massive Doom universe."
― Publisher's description


The book is divided into several sections:

  • Basic training: covers basics about how to play Doom, what weapons and powerups can be found in the game, monsters that can be encountered, and strategic tips.
  • Kicking interdimensional butt: contains level maps of each level in registered Doom, including each of the secrets.
  • Intelligence briefing: how to play Doom multiplayer, technical information and interviews with the game's developers.
  • Appendices: Troubleshooting how to set up Doom, cheat codes and information about add-on resources.


Identifier Data
Dewey Decimal 793.93/25369
ISBN-10 ISBN 0782115462 ; ISBN 0782115780 (no disks)
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-0782115468
Library of Congress Classification GV1469.25.D66 M46 1994
Library of Congress Control Number 94066139
Open Library ID OL1124709M

Translated editions[edit]

Language Title Co-author(s) / translation Publisher Year
Czech Oficiální DOOM: Průvodce bojovníka, strategie a tajemství Lubomír Mojzes Computer Press 1995
Dutch Het complete officiële Doom boek Joke van Lienen-Boot Sybex 1994
French Doom: stratégies & secrets François Saluden Sybex 1994
Japanese 公式DOOMサバイバルガイド (Kōshiki doūmu sabaibaru gaido) Impress editorial section インプレス (Inpuresu) 1995
Polish Doom: strategie i sekrety Tomasz Pokora Wydawnictwo PLJ 1995
Portuguese Guia Oficial de Sobrevivência Doom: Estratégias e Segredos Makron Books 1995


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