The Twilight Zone II: Final Dreams


The Twilight Zone 2 - Final Dreams (originally released in 1999, and revised in 2014) is the sequel to The Twilight Zone and is a complete 32 level megawad created by Paul Corfiatis. The difficulty is easy to medium throughout and the theme varies with each level. All 32 levels were made by Corfiatis himself except for the deathmatch section of MAP26 which is taken from American McGee's IDMAP01.WAD.

In The Twilight Zone 2, you must travel throughout the galaxy via Ethereal Travel to find and defeat Johnny Boy; an evil cartoon character of a boy who's sprite was drawn by Andrew Snow, a penpal Corfiatis knew throughout the late 1990's. The Spider Mastermind is replaced with the Baby Cyberdemon from Mark Klem and David Shaw's Cringe episode. There is a new fist and a new weapon which replaces the chainsaw named the Needlegun (or Needlesaw), a weapon which consists of a needle that moves in a jackhammer-like action at very high speed and delivers severe damage to the target at a rapid rate. The Twilight Zone 2 also contains all new music composed by Corfiatis.


  • MAP01 - Sputnik Port
  • MAP02 - Triton
  • MAP03 - Nemesis
  • MAP04 - Memento
  • MAP05 - TNT Barons
  • MAP06 - Burnett Mining Complex
  • MAP07 - Suffocate
  • MAP08 - Porpoise
  • MAP09 - Gymea Mentos
  • MAP10 - Facility
  • MAP11 - Termite Mound
  • MAP12 - Death Ship
  • MAP13 - D'Sparil's Domain
  • MAP14 - Hazard Base
  • MAP15 - Stardate Institute
  • MAP16 - Subspace
  • MAP17 - Spacelab
  • MAP18 - The Gypsy
  • MAP19 - Disaster Area
  • MAP20 - Corcous
  • MAP21 - Processing Labs
  • MAP22 - Despair
  • MAP23 - Who Stole The Health
  • MAP24 - The Abyss
  • MAP25 - Amy's Keep
  • MAP26 - Den of Insanity
  • MAP27 - Place of Reckoning
  • MAP28 - Unholy
  • MAP29 - Caverns of Darkness
  • MAP30 - Jon's Arena
  • MAP31 - Morass
  • MAP32 - Meorhanal 4 Yul


  • A modified version of MAP10 appears as MAP09 of Biowar.
  • MAP24 is a modified version of E4M2 of Death Tormention II.
  • MAP29 has a few areas inspired from the original series. The player starts in an area similar to MAP29 of Doom II. An area inspired from MAP25 of TNT: Evilution can also be found.