The World Spear


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The World Spear
The Ancient Gods, Part One
The Ancient Gods, Part Two

The World Spear is the first level of The Ancient Gods, Part Two, the second expansion for Doom Eternal. The level is set on Argent D'Nur, near the tip of the World Spear, the cosmic crystal that pierced the planet ages ago. The Doom Slayer must find a Wraith crystal inside the Spear, which is the only means of powering the Gate of Divum that will provide passage to Immora.

The screecher, armored baron and stone imp enemies are introduced in this level, and the Sentinel Hammer is also acquired here.

"The Slayer must seek out the World Spear on his journey to face the Dark Lord, as only a mysterious artifact hidden within the crystalline monolith will open the way to Immora. The cosmic spire towers over Argent D'Nur, with only those deemed worthy allowed entrance inside..."
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Obtain a power source
Light the Torch of Kings
Cross the Nether Lake


There are no challenges for this level.


The World Spear, also known as the Cosmic Spear, struck the planet of Argent D'Nur millions of years ago with enough force to pierce it from pole to pole. Shortly thereafter the Wraiths emerged and spread across the world, their magic bleeding into the land and causing life to spring forth. Power continues to flow from the Spear, and rumors persist that some Wraiths still live inside it. The tip of the spear is surrounded by an enormous crater known as the Nether Lake, and its entrance is guarded to keep out unworthy travelers.


  • After completing the first combat encounter after receiving the Sentinel Hammer you will enter a sewer. Daisy can be found in a hole in one of the sewer walls.
  • When you reach the Torch of Kings, do not approach it - instead, turn around and leap to the other side of the broken bridge. Sitting on a barrel here is a tiny impaled corpse from the original Doom.