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TiMidity and its updated fork TiMidity++ are software synthesizers which use Gravis Ultrasound instrument patches for MIDI playback. Additionally, TiMidity reads GUS UltraMID configuration files, meaning that it is possible to use Doom's DMXGUS lump to configure it.

TiMidity is used by the following ports:

  • Any port using SDL_mixer, by way of that library's internal version of TiMidity.
  • The official Doom Classic port
  • Chocolate Doom uses it for "pseudo-emulation" of GUS soundcards by automatically extracting DMXGUS lumps and feeding them to TiMidity
  • Doom Legacy through SDL Mixer in the SDL port, and for the X11 port TiMidity is selectable through ALSA.
  • Vavoom
  • ZDoom and derivative features both a custom internal TiMidity used for GUS emulation and the ability to use an external TiMidity++

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