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Tim Heydelaar was an employee of Williams Entertainment and Midway Games involved in the production of Doom for Sony PlayStation, Final Doom for Sony PlayStation, and Doom 64. Tim has held varying roles in his career in the game industry, including level designer, art director, and quality assurance. His primary role on the licensed Doom conversions was as a level designer.


Like his colleague Randy Estrella, Tim got a start in quality assurance at Williams, working on various arcade and console titles including notably Mortal Kombat 3 and Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. He is first credited for design work on the PlayStation version of Doom, and contributed levels to all of the Williams and Midway ports. After the bankruptcy of Midway in 2004, Tim moved on to work for Sony Online Entertainment and has worked as art director on EverQuest II and its various expansion packs.


  • Also like Randy, Tim designed Doom levels long before getting the chance to contribute to official ports. He bought his first computer expressly for the purpose of playing the game. He was familiar with both DCK and DEU, considering the latter a very solid editor.[1]
  • Deathmatch was Tim's favorite game mode.[1]
  • Tim's favorite levels in Doom 64 were MAP09: Even Simpler and MAP23: Unholy Temple.[1]
  • Tim authored every map conversion made for the PlayStation version of Final Doom while the rest of the team was doing early work on Doom 64.[2]

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