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TimeOfDeath (also known as Anigav and Croysent) is a Canadian level designer, speedrunner and musician. His maps are generally unorthodox in gameplay and design, usually with a high level of difficulty and at times unintuitive level progression, and he's known for recording demos on virtually all of them. He has released over 200 maps since 2005 (the vast majority of them being solo projects), appearing in the Cacowards once when the community project 50 Shades of Graytall won an award in 2015 (a project he made a map for). In 2018, ESP, a compilation of some of his previously released maps, was featured in the Top 25 Missed Cacowards. As of 2017, he's possibly released the 2nd most maps ever, trailing only Paul Corfiatis.[1] He's recorded over 65 hours of demos on the Doomed Speed Demos Archive,[2] and it's possible that more of his wads have been recorded on than any other mapper.[3] In 2009 he began playing through the levels/doom2 folder on the idgames archive from the beginning (single player maps by wad date, not upload date) and has played up to February 2007.[4]

He physically plays guitar, drums, keyboards, and performs vocals in his one-man death metal band Nostril Caverns (ex-Time of Death) where he's written and recorded hundreds of songs and released many albums since 1997.[5] Some of these songs appear in his Doom maps, either in their originally recorded format or in midi format.

Body of work[edit]


  • Drown in Blood (DSDA)
    • MAP01
    • MAP03
    • MAP04
    • MAP05
    • MAP09
    • MAP22
    • MAP23















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