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Titan's Realm

The Titan's Realm is the tenth level of Doom (2016). The second area of Hell to be visited, the Doom marine arrives here after ripping out the Argent accumulator from the cyberdemon in the Lazarus Labs, which causes a temporary portal to open. The Titan's Realm is a demonic graveyard made of the skeletal remains of gigantic demons. Titan's Realm is also the name of the tenth mission which takes place in this level.

"In the libraries of Lazarus Labs, you learned of an artifact that can sever the connection between our two worlds known as the Crucible. If you can retrieve the Crucible, you can use it to close The Well and shut down the Argent Tower permanently from inside Hell."
― Loading description


After the disaster which occurred in the manned expedition to Kadingir Sanctum, it was decided that further expeditions should focus on other areas for the time being. The second manned expedition (MTC 2148/177) was instead dedicated to exploration of the Great Steppe, an area detailed in the Corrax tablets. Those tablets had the following to say about the area:

"Through the Titan's Realm and down, down to the Great Steppe where the trophies of victory are kept through the ages. Their false idols banished to a wasteland. Their towers fallen, their foundations ground to dust, their hallowed halls kept empty as cruel reminders that civilizations shall fall before the ascension of the great ones."
― Corrax tablets

Mission 10: Titan's Realm[edit]

After besting the cyberdemon, the Doom marine finds himself in the Titan's Realm - a sprawling underground temple beneath the corpses of mighty demons known as Titans. The marine fights his way through the temple and eventually finds the Titan's Core, a teleporter that will take him to the Necropolis where the Crucible is hidden.


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Reclaim the Crucible
Pass through the Titan's Core


Trick Shot
Kill a lost soul with another lost soul.
Shooting at a lost soul as it charges towards you should send it flying backwards until it hits an obstacle and explodes. If another lost soul is in its path, this should tick off the challenge.
Atop the Mountain
Perform a "Death from Above" glory kill on a baron of Hell (attack from above).
There are four barons in this level. The first two are found in the arena containing the quad damage powerup, but these are not very convenient because there are two of them and because it is a protracted battle. The third baron appears much later, in the hall with the blue skull; this is a more convenient location as there are many platforms to jump from, but since the baron is the last enemy the checkpoint will be immediately overwritten even if you fail the glory kill. The last baron appears in the blue door area at the end of the level; it is the easiest one because you only need to kill it with the Berserk powerup and it will count as a glory kill. If you make a mistake, just reload before the animation is complete.
Kill 20 demons while using power-ups.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells 1
Combat support drones 1
Praetor tokens 2
Rune trials None
Secrets 6
Datapads 2

Areas / screenshots[edit]

Inspiration and development[edit]

According to designer Jason O'Connell, this level and the Necropolis were originally one map, with the teleporter found at the end of this level instead being an elevator that took the player into the starting room of the Necropolis.[1]


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