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Tom Mustaine (a.k.a. ParadoX, formerly Clock Paradox) is an American mapper, music composer, and game designer who co-founded Ritual Entertainment and, after Ritual was bought by MumboJumbo, co-founded Escalation Studios with Shawn Green. His major Doom-related works include contributions to the Master Levels for Doom II; the commercial add-ons Hell To Pay and Perdition's Gate published by WizardWorks; and levels in TNT: Evilution and Memento Mori. He also contributed some of the music tracks in TNT: Evilution, Perdition's Gate, and Icarus. He is Bob Mustaine's son.

As part of Escalation Studios, he worked on Doom Resurrection, the 2009 iOS rail shooter co-developed with id Software. In 2018, Escalation Studios became Bethesda Games Studios Dallas. As of 2024, Tom Mustaine still works at BGS.

Body of work[edit]






Tune name TNT levels Icarus levels HTP levels PG levels
"More" MAP05, MAP17
"Infinite" MAP10, MAP18
"Horizon" MAP20
"AimShootKill" MAP22, MAP28
"TNT Title" Title music
"Classic Evil" MAP08
"Slow Evil" MAP10
"Hell" MAP14
"Slow Evil II" MAP17
"SUPER Slow Evil" MAP27
"FastTrack" MAP28
"Face Of Evil" MAP30
"Gresta" MAP31
"Icarus Theme" Text music
"Ominous" MAP02, MAP18 MAP02, MAP32
"Pluck" MAP03, MAP19 MAP10, MAP17, MAP24
"Liquid" MAP04, MAP15, MAP24 MAP07, MAP23
"Envelope" MAP08
"Teeth" MAP09, MAP29 MAP25
"Pacemaker" MAP12, MAP23 MAP03, MAP19
"Nasty" MAP14, MAP27 MAP11, MAP18, MAP28
"ControlCV" MAP17 MAP13
"Time" MAP01
"Intermission" Intermission music
"PG Title" Title music


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