Topps American Pie Doom card


The "Doom is Released" card, front and back.

The Topps American Pie Doom card is card #168 in the Topps American Pie series of collectible nostalgia and memorabilia cards released in 2011. The card is entitled, "Doom is Released", and is one of the cards of the set which represents the decade of the 1990s.


The front side of the card features a photograph of former id Software CEO Jay Wilbur holding a boxed copy of The Ultimate Doom. The back side lists the card's number and name, and a subtitle of "Guns Blazin'". The description text calls the release of Doom a "seminal moment in video game history", crediting it with the widespread introduction of the first-person shooter genre of games. The game's controversial nature due to its violent content is mentioned, and the widely repeated statistic of 10 million players in the first two years (for the shareware version of the game) is given.