Torpedo is never auto-selected


Strife has code in the player weapons module based on Doom's for changing to another weapon when the player runs out of ammo. This code has a case in it for selecting the mauler's alternate firing mode, also known as the "torpedo." However, because the torpedo uses the same ammo as the mauler's normal firing mode, and uses more of it, the case earlier in the function that tests for changing to the mauler will always be selected first.

In the technical sense this is a glitch, because the code obviously does not behave as the programmer expected it would. In game this is generally a positive thing, however, since the torpedo not only uses a large amount of ammo, but also inflicts unavoidable direct damage to its wielder every time it is fired, and causes a large powerful blast radius at the point of impact. All three of these qualities would make auto-selecting and unexpectedly firing the weapon an unpleasant experience.