Tower of Babel (Doom 2016)


Doom (2016) classic levels
Tower of Babel (Doom 2016)

Tower of Babel is a classic level from Doom (2016). It is a recreation of Doom's E2M8: Tower of Babel that includes the cyberdemon from the later game, but retains the original game's pickup and decoration sprites.

This level is unlocked after finding its entrance room hidden in the Lazarus Labs stage. Once unlocked, the full level can be played from the "Classic Maps" tab in the Campaign menu.


In this level you start with the pistol, chainsaw, combat shotgun, chaingun, plasma rifle and rocket launcher.

Take the blue megaarmor under your feet then press any of the buttons in the middle of the room to raise staircases leading up to some impaled barons; these walls will rise as you climb the steps to reveal supercharges (which will max out your health and armor) and many boxes of rockets. After gathering all the supplies you want, head outside to find the cyberdemon waiting for you; it does not use its special attacks, and simply advances towards you while continuously firing rockets. Stay on the move to avoid its fire and lead it around the marble columns to keep it at a safe distance while you pump your own weapons into it - when the cyberdemon collapses, the level will automatically end.