Traductus in his tomb.

Traductus is one of the second last bosses found in Hexen and arguably the most dangerous of the three. Traductus is the Grand Patriarch of the Church and aligned himself with Korax in return for eternal life. Like Menelkir and Zedek, he can be battled at any time in the fifth hub. According to the manual:

"From lowly monk to Grand Patriarch in 30 short years, Traductus' destiny seemed to be eternal greatness. But somewhere along the way he lost direction, and now he blocks your path to fulfilling your own shadowed fate."
― Hexen instruction manual

Combat characteristics[edit]

Traductus uses the Wraithverge, and its relentlessly seeking ghosts are difficult to evade, so players attacking him may want to use Icons of the Defender or Discs of Repulsion to defend themselves. Discs of Repulsion or the Cleric's Wraithverge work well, since the Discs of Repulsion will cause the ghosts to turn against Traductus rather than hurt the player. It is also advisable to kill him as quickly as possible, before he can attack too much. Much like Zedek and Menelkir he moves in an erratic strafe-like movement during combat, making him harder to hit. Traductus has 800 hit points in single player, but quintuples this to a massive 4000 points in cooperative multiplayer games, regardless of the number of players in the game.



  • Traductus makes a reappearance as the second boss of the Dark Citadel in Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, although it is unclear whether this is a rematch or simply another evil cleric.
  • If multiple instances of Traductus are placed together on a custom map, they may injure and kill each other.
  • 'Traductus' is the perfect passive participle of 'traduco', a Latin word which means: to lead, bring, or carry across. This seems to fit his role as leader of the Church, which is stated to act as a bridge and buffer between the Legion and Arcanum.
  • In the dying state, sprite frame J is unused while frame L is doubled, resulting in a less smooth animation than for the other class bosses. This is likely a development oversight.