Tribute - this is not the best wad in the world


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Tribute - this is not the best wad in the world is a Skulltag mod of nine maps. It was released in 2009 by Zalewa, and received a Cacoward at year's end.

The episode takes place on a nearly deserted Earth following World War III. The protagonist investigates a radio transmission from a nearby town only to be attacked by zombies, crazed cultists, and even Hoplite warriors.

Hobbs, in his review, noted the rarity of Skulltag maps designed for solo play, rarer still that a mod would actually use the Skulltag-specific features to improve player experience. Multiplayer games can be run, albeit with glitches.


MAP07 is followed by a dummy level, TRIBEND, containing end credits. The even-numbered levels are boss areas, considered part of the preceding level in Survival mode so that players can return to the boss immediately if killed.

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