Attack Damage

8-12 (bite and explosion)

Found in
  • Doom 3: Alpha Labs Sectors 2-4, Communications Transfer, Recycling Sector 1, Monorail, Central Processing (both sectors), Caverns (both areas)
  • RoE: Erebus - Levels 2, 3, and 6
  • Lost Mission: Underground (Part 1)
Cheat spawn

"spawn monster_demon_trite"

The trite is a monster introduced in Doom 3. Trites resemble spiders, being an upside-down human-like head with several spider-like legs, albeit only six of them. They possess a cluster of multiple spider-like eyes where the normal two human eyes should be. They usually attack in swarms, and are rarely seen alone. They are characterized by their sharp throaty roar.

The trite's appearance is similar to that of the tick. This could suggest that that they are either related as different species, are the same species but of different ages (trites could simply be older ticks), or they are actually different sexes of the same species. Owing to their spider-like appearance and tendency to appear around the vagary, it is conceivable to think that perhaps vagaries are "adult" or "queen" trites.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Trites attack by jumping at the player from more than a dozen feet away, or by biting at close range. Although individually weak, a large swarm of trites can be deadly and should be considered a major threat. Fortunately, trites do not appear in huge groups often, and they have a low amount of hit points, so only a couple of pistol shots are all that is needed to kill one. Another good weapon to use against trites (especially when you are greatly outnumbered by them) is the machine gun. Trites die differently from other enemies; they curl up into a ball and explode in a splash of green blood. If a trite cannot reach the player (due to being on a higher walkway, for example), it will sometimes jump in the player's direction and then explode.

Trites tend to surprise the player by crawling out of narrow spaces where the player cannot fit, or by dropping from ceilings with the aid of spider thread. Although new trites often emerge to replace those the player kills, trite swarms are not infinite and will eventually cease once the player kills enough of them. In Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission, they can be killed instantly with the grabber; however, it is not recommended to use it when facing a large swarm, due to the slow rate of fire caused by the weapon's cool down.


The name "trite" means two things:

The trite bears a striking resemblance to one of the monsters in John Carpenter's movie The Thing. Trites are also somewhat reminiscent of the face hugger in the Alien series, given their leaping behavior, skeletal body segments, and green blood.

Appearance statistics[edit]

The trites are one of the most numerous enemies in the game, as they almost always appear in swarms. Though, in Resurrection of Evil the trites appear very rarely.

Doom 3[edit]

The enemy count on Nightmare is the same as on Veteran.

Resurrection of Evil[edit]

The enemy count on Nightmare is the same as on Veteran.

The Lost Mission[edit]

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