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The turret is an ambient demon featured in The Ancient Gods, Part One, the first downloadable content expansion for Doom Eternal.

The Turret as it appears in the Codex.

Tactical Analysis[edit]

The Turret will fire upon the player once they come into the Turret's field of view. Fire from the Turret is fairly tame and serves more as a nuisance than a threat. The Heavy cannon's Precision Bolt and the Ballista are the best weapons to use against this enemy, with a single shot forcing them to duck and hide. The Turret will also hide if the player's reticle lingers on them for too long.

In his boss fight, Samur Maykr is able to conjure modified Turrets that cannot retract, but will fire blasts of lightning that hinder the player's vision when they hit.


Turrets were created by Deag Nilox centuries ago, both to serve as stationary guards and to allow Nilox to view distant areas. Following his death at the hands of the Doom Slayer, the Turrets continue to function as protectors and fire on any intruders within range. They consist of a "fellsteel" container which holds an imprisoned lesser demon, which takes the form of an eye.