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Twilight Warrior is a WAD for Doom II, a special forces total conversion by Black Shadow Software in 1998. The player is a special operations commando facing off against terrorists. It is one of the early examples of a tactical shooter, as opposed to most Doom WADs which are science fiction.

Black Shadow released a sequel in 2000, Covert Ops, which made use of the EDGE engine.


Twilight Warrior is a total conversion created by Black Shadow Software. This TC is the most advanced, intensive and realistic Special Forces conversion ever created for Doom2.

Twilight Warrior delivers a new and unique way to experience Doom. No more aliens, hellspawn or UAC bases - but gritty, exciting missions, a range of new environments, realistic weapons, and extended gameplay features such as mlook, jumping and more.

You'll face the difficulties and challenges of jungle, naval and urban warfare, and be equipped with the world's most advanced and powerful arsenal. As a "Twilight Warrior," you will operate covertly and overtly in both permissive and denied areas, engaging in counter-terrorist and military style missions. You'll experience the adrenalin rush of bursting into darkened rooms to confront terrorists whose only aim is to kill you or their hostages. Patrol through a bombed-out middle-eastern township to find and liberate kidnapped civilians. Walk and crawl through miles of steaming jungle, and complete a "black operation." Raid an oilrig, rescue hostages from an aircraft or liberate an entire city. All of these challenges and more await you....


Global Counter-Terrorist Operations (GCTO) is the most advanced, elite and efficient counter-terrorist/Special Forces unit in the world. Secretly formed in the 1970s to deal with the growing menace of terrorism, it is overseen and maintained by a major world security and treaty organisation. The one and only role of this unit is to neutralise terrorist and other threats to world peace, either pro-actively or in response to aggressive acts of terrorism.

GCTO's personnel are chosen from the among the world's elite unconventional warfare teams, making the unit an elite within an elite profession. It is also the only international Special Forces unit in existence. Funded and trained to an unprecedented level, the men and women attached to GCTO are truly the world's best exponents of special warfare and counter-terrorism.

Answerable to no-one but a secret group of officials from several key nations and ungoverned by the criminal or military codes of any nation; GCTO is able to operate on any continent, and the operatives are able to use any means or methods in order to ensure that they succeed.

You are a GCTO "Twilight Warrior", a Special Forces soldier technically without rank or identity. Existing in the shadowy world of a secret counter-terrorist military unit, you are the embodiment of unconventional warfare. Having initially proven your exceptional skills as a member of your own nation's Special Forces team, you have been assigned to GCTO. Cross-trained in a variety of disciplines, including sniping, assassination, close combat, FIBUA (urban warfare), counter-terrorism, demolitions, sabotage and naval ops, you are proficient and deadly in all areas of special warfare. Trained to cope with the exigencies and extreme conditions of jungle, urban and naval warfare, there is no task you cannot complete, no area in the world in which you cannot successfully operate. Constantly on-call, 24 hours a day, you and the other members of GCTO can be fully operational in any hot-spot on the planet in under 15 hours.

Despite the obsessive secrecy and security which surrounds GCTO, rumours of its existence have filtered into underworld and terrorist circles. Although no-one has ever seen a GCTO unit in action - and lived to tell the tale - terrorists across the world continue to tell stories of mysterious black-clad units which materialise with phenomenal speed to efficiently dispense deadly justice.


There is a wide variety of levels where the player will fight terrorists:

  • Elimination of a drug cartel camp in the jungle
  • As an anti-narcotics agent, the interdiction of a boat suspected to be smuggling arms and drugs
  • Occupied oil rig in North Sea
  • Airliner hijacking in a European Airport
  • Black ops, an assassination of a dictator at military base in jungle
  • Bank Robbery in Europe by Red Apocalypse Faction
  • Operation Phoenix - clearing out enemy forces in Middle Eastern capital city, particularly the ones entrenched in the command center.


Most enemies are based upon the former human zombies.

One of the most impressive enemies is a 3D-modelled helicopter gunship.


  • Knife
  • Browning Hi-power 9 mm pistol
  • OICW Grenade Launcher
  • OICW Rifle
  • H&K MP5 Submachine gun
  • Flamethrower
  • H&K PSG-1 Sniper Rifle