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Ty Halderman (born December 1945[1]) was the primary maintainer of the idgames archive from February 1997 to May 2015. In addition, he was the leader and webmaster of TeamTNT. One of his key activities was serving as one of the three principal programmers of the Boom source port alongside Jim Flynn and Lee Killough. He also designed numerous levels for various TeamTNT projects, and became the last moderator of the Usenet group rec.games.computer.doom.announce (as well as a member of the RGCD Support Team) in July 1998.[2]

At the 2014 Cacowards, Ty was the recipient of an Espi Award for Lifetime Achievement for his contributions to the Doom community.

He passed away on July 31, 2015, at the age of 69, due to the complications of a brain tumor, as confirmed by a family member.[3]

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