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The Tyrant emerging from a slipgate.

The Tyrant is a new monster in Doom Eternal, and the next iteration in the class of cyberdemons.[1] It bears a close resemblance to the classic cyberdemon, with a similar suite of cybernetics, a gored abdomen, and a weapon which replaces its left arm. Unlike its Doom II counterpart, its eyes are not red; instead, they are yellowish-white. It also appears to be equipped with a metallic skeleton and an Argent accumulator, like its immediate predecessor.

As of the pre-order trailer, the Tyrant was confirmed to be a recurring major enemy, unlike its previous iteration.[2]


The Tyrant is bipedal in nature, and draws many similarities to the original cyberdemon, although with the absence of hock joints that gave it more goat-like legs. Both its right leg and left arm are cybernetics-enhanced, with minimal cybernetics along its right arm. The Tyrant's ribs are exposed, with its intestines replaced with tubing. Its spine appears to be mechanical, with vertebrae jutting out from the flesh. The Tyrant has two large horns on each side of its head, and a bulbous cranium.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The Tyrant mainly attacks by firing missiles from its arm cannon. If it cannot see the player, it makes exploding runes appear all around the battlefield. It has a large amount of health and no particular weak points. When it sees the player, it takes a moment for it to take aim, so this window of time can be used to attack. It is also slow to turn, so dashing around it is a good way to get a hit in.

Tyrants do not possess the dash ability of the previous cyberdemon iteration, making them very slow and cumbersome by comparison.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Doom Slayer repeatedly stabs the Tyrant in the eye, causing it to crash to the ground.
  • The Doom Slayer uses the Doom blade to cut the Tyrant's leg off. Once it falls to its knees, he beheads it.


Tyrants are described as demon lords of the black soul pits of Babel which have long served as wardens and slavers of the infernal pits. As such, Tyrants oversee the collection and extraction of sin-branded human souls from the mortal world while being feared by lesser demons for their sadistic cruelty and malice. They impose rule as ordained by the Unholy Sigil of the elder demon gods. They have been weaponized and enhanced with cybernetics by the UAC.


Despite appearing to have an organic face, the Tyrant's skull can be exposed to reveal a mechanical eye with a red lens.



It is believed that the game was originally intended to have a smaller version of the Balgaar-based cyberdemon from Doom (2016), as the face of one occurs in the "25 Years" wallpaper released by Bethesda to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Doom on December 10, 2018.


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